5/16/2024: Mercury Enters Taurus

mercury mercury enters taurus srt gatherings May 16, 2024
a celestial scene where the planet Mercury is entering the constellation Taurus. Mercury should be shown as a small, bright, and detailed planet with craters and a metallic sheen, moving through space. The constellation Taurus should be represented with a majestic, starry bull outline, with stars connected by faint, glowing lines. The background should be a dark, deep space filled with stars and cosmic dust, with vibrant colors like purples and blues. Add a subtle aura or glowing effect around Mercury to emphasize its motion and energy

Mercury Enters Taurus

As we gather today under the serene vibes of Taurus, let's talk about a cosmic shift aligning perfectly with our journey toward recovery and rediscovery. Mercury, our messenger, has strolled into the calm pastures of Taurus, and oh, what a soothing balm this is for our often hurried minds!

Think of Mercury as that quick-witted friend who's always got something to say, always buzzing with ideas. Imagine that friend deciding to slow down, take a deep breath, and speak each word with intention and clarity. That's Mercury in Taurus for us—thoughtful, deliberate, and deeply rooted in what truly matters.

Why does this matter? Well, in recovery, where every step forward is celebrated and scrutinized, this energy helps us ground our thoughts. It invites us to speak from a place of authenticity and to listen—truly listen—to the whispers of our inner truths. It's a time when we're less likely to be swayed by impulses and more inclined to build our decisions on solid ground.

Taurus energy loves the tangible. So, let's channel this into our communication. This is the perfect time to have those heart-to-hearts with yourself or your loved ones about security, values, and needs. It's about making plans that are not just wishes but commitments to your well-being.

Like the reliable Taurus, let this transit remind us that slow and steady can indeed win the race. Whether rebuilding relationships, managing finances, or nurturing self-love, the energy now supports enduring actions that yield lasting rewards.

Let's allow Taurus's calm and steadiness to infuse our conversations. Let's embrace the slow, sure beauty of speaking and thinking in ways that move us toward lasting healing and genuine connection.

Go Journal:

  1. Reflect on a recent conversation where you wish you had been more deliberate with your words. What would you say now, using the thoughtful energy of Mercury in Taurus?
  2. Taurus energy loves stability. Share a part of your life where you're seeking more stability. How can you use the current energy to create a plan that brings this stability into reality?

Let's carry forward the calmness and clarity we've cultivated here. Remember, every word you choose and every thought you nurture has the power to plant seeds of lasting change in your garden of recovery. Let these seeds grow slowly, nurtured by Taurus's steady and sure energy, building a foundation as strong and enduring as the earth itself. Thank you all for sharing this sacred space and speaking your truths with heartfelt courage. 🖤

Join me again tomorrow, Thursday, May 17th, for Mercury squares Pluto Retrograde at 9 AM Pacific, noon Eastern, 5 PM GMT, 6 PM CDT, and 4 AM AEST +1 DAY! 

I am Mandy Moore, a SHE RECOVERS Coach in York, Pennsylvania. My work aligns with the SHE RECOVERS Intentions & Guiding Principles, and I specialize in holistic recovery techniques, including astrology, Reiki, tarot, and more.

Mercury Enters Taurus Cheat Sheet:

☿ Mercury: "The Messenger," communication, intellect, information, logic, reasoning, learning, expression, agility, analysis, adaptability, curiosity, exchange, connectivity, technology.

♉︎ Taurus: Stability, patience, practicality, sensuality, determination, reliability, materialism, comfort-oriented