6/2/2024: Jupiter Trine Pluto Rx

jupiter jupiter trine pluto rx pluto retrograde srt gatherings Jun 02, 2024
An astronomical scene showing the astrological event of Jupiter trine Pluto Rx. Jupiter is depicted as a large, swirling gas giant with colorful bands

Jupiter Trine Pluto Rx

When Jupiter trines Pluto Retrograde, it brings with it a powerful wave of transformative energy. Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion, aligns harmoniously with Pluto, the planet of transformation and rebirth. This combination allows a profound opportunity for personal growth and healing, encouraging you to explore new aspects of yourself and embrace change with optimism.

Jupiter's expansive energy supports your quest for deeper understanding and courage to confront hidden issues and unresolved traumas. Pluto Retrograde adds a layer of introspection, prompting you to dig deep into your psyche and address the root causes of addictive behaviors with honesty and compassion. This period is RIPE for uncovering and letting go of old patterns that no longer serve you and will help you rebuild from within.

Practical steps to harness this energy include deep self-reflection through journaling, setting ambitious yet manageable goals, and staying open to change. Embrace new habits, seek therapy, or explore new recovery strategies. (Might I suggest aerial yoga or pole?) Maintain a positive outlook, and focus on all of the possibilities for growth and healing that lie ahead. Remember, change is a vital part of the recovery process, and this trine supports you in navigating it effectively.

Once again, staying connected with your support network is crucial during this transit. Share your experiences with trusted friends, family, or recovery groups to gain valuable perspectives and reinforce your commitment to transformation. By harnessing the energy of Jupiter trine Pluto Rx, you can make significant strides in your recovery journey, emerging stronger, more resilient, and ready to embrace a more badass future.

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Go Journal:

  1. Think about any recurring patterns or behaviors that have hindered your progress. What are the root causes of these patterns? How can you confront and change them to support your recovery?
  2. Talk about a change you have been resisting. Why have you been hesitant to embrace this change? How can you reframe your perspective to see it as an opportunity for growth?

As you navigate the transformative energy of Jupiter trine Pluto Retrograde, remember that each step you take towards self-awareness and growth is a testament to your resilience and strength. Embrace the opportunities for change and expansion, and trust in your ability to overcome obstacles with clarity and determination. Reflecting deeply, setting meaningful goals, and staying connected with your support network will help you harness this powerful alignment to propel you forward. Keep believing in yourself, and let this period of cosmic harmony guide you to a more empowered and fulfilling life.

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Jupiter Trine Pluto Rx Cheat Sheet:

♃ Jupiter: “The Explorer”, expansion, wisdom, what inspires you, where you endlessly explore/seek, your greatest growth potential

△ Trine: An aspect where two planets are 120 degrees apart, creating a harmonious and beneficial flow of energy between them.

♇ Pluto: “The Transformer”, transformation, power, rebirth, renewal, deep, intense, control, compulsion, secrets, subconscious, destruction, regeneration.

℞ Retrograde (Rx): A planet in retrograde appears to move backward in the sky due to an optical illusion and is a period for intense reflection and reassessment in areas influenced by that planet.


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