6/8/2024: Venus Square Saturn

saturn srt gatherings venus venus square saturn Jun 08, 2024
An astrological illustration depicting Venus square Saturn. Venus is symbolized by a beautiful, glowing feminine figure surrounded by flowers, hearts

Venus Square Saturn

Venus represents love and values, while Saturn symbolizes discipline and boundaries, mmk? When these planets form a square aspect, tension arises between our desire for connection and the need for structure. So basically, it’s leading us to want to do some bad shit. Shit that can lead to feelings of restriction and loneliness, and thus amplifying all our emotional challenges rn.

During a Venus-Saturn square, focusing on self-love, patience, and setting healthy boundaries is like totally really important. This aspect needs us to develop a resilient form of self-love and protect our well-being by maintaining boundaries, even if it feels f’n impossible. No matter how tough—embracing reality is what we gotta do.

To cope, engage in grounding activities like meditation or journaling, seek support from your network, and practice lots and LOTS of self-compassion. Reflect on your journey, identify areas for growth, and celebrate your progress, no matter how small. These strategies can help you manage emotional turbulence and stay centered.

While Venus square Saturn presents challenges, it also offers opportunities for growth. By embracing the lessons it brings, believe me, you can emerge stronger and more resilient. Trust in yourself and your journey and honor your progress, knowing you can really overcome any obstacle.

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Go Journal:

  1. How can you practice deeper self-love and self-compassion during challenging times? List three actions you can take this week to nurture yourself.
  2. What boundaries do you currently have in place to protect your well-being and sobriety? Are there any additional boundaries you need to establish or reinforce?
  3. What small victories and progress have you made in my recovery recently? How can you celebrate these achievements and use them as motivation to keep moving forward?

The challenges posed by Venus square Saturn are temporary and offer valuable lessons for your recovery journey. You can navigate this period with resilience and strength by staying grounded, seeking support, and embracing self-compassion. Trust in your ability to grow and overcome obstacles, knowing that each step forward, no matter how small, is a testament to your progress and dedication. Keep shining and honoring your path to healing.

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Venus Squares Saturn Cheat Sheet:

♀Venus: “The Lover”, harmony, beauty, what and how you love, feminine side, how you receive, where you are  your most harmonious

▪️ Square: When planets square each other, they are 90 degrees apart, creating tension and challenges that prompt growth through overcoming obstacles and resolving conflicts.

♄ Saturn: “The Taskmaster”, discipline, responsibility, structure, long-term goals, maturity, perseverance, stability, endurance, order, limitations, constraints, realism, time, patience.


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