6/13/2024: Mercury Square Saturn

mercury mercury square saturn saturn srt gatherings Jun 13, 2024
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Mercury Square Saturn

When Mercury squares Saturn, it, unfortunately, means that a challenging relationship situation is happening between the planet of communication and the planet of structure and discipline. This aspect can impact how we think, communicate, and process information, and it often brings about communication mishaps, leading to delays, misunderstandings, and lots and lots of frustration. We might find that our thoughts and words are not received as intended, and there's a tendency towards critical thinking and pessimism. Right now, it's common to focus more on what’s wrong rather than what’s right, resulting in us all having a more negative mindset.

This aspect demands mental discipline. We’ve got to adopt a structured approach to thinking and learning. And while this can benefit tasks requiring thoroughness, it may also cause us to overemphasize details at the expense of the bigger picture. Self-expression can feel scary, with a fear of judgment or criticism hindering open communication. However, if we approach this constructively, this aspect can help us give and receive criticism in a way that doesn’t make us come off like a butthole.

Challenges in learning are also common with Mercury square Saturn. We might struggle to grasp complex concepts or make slow progress in our studies. But with persistence and hard work, we can achieve a deep and thorough understanding over time. There’s often a respect for authority and established knowledge, though this aspect can also lead to conflicts with mentors or teachers.

I’m gonna say it: Navigating this bs requires patience and perseverance. Success under this aspect comes from overcoming challenges in communication and learning. Learning to give and receive feedback constructively can help mitigate the harsher effects, and engaging in mindfulness can manage stress and reduce negative thinking and rumination.

While Mercury square Saturn is undoubtedly a pain in the ass, as always, this also offers the potential for growth. It can help us develop a disciplined, methodical mind while enhancing our ability to communicate with clarity and precision.

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Go Journal:

  1. Reflect on a time when you were overly critical of yourself. How could practicing self-compassion have changed your response? Share any strategies you use to be kinder to yourself.
  2. Consider your daily routine and identify one area where you struggle with consistency. How can you incorporate a more structured approach to improve this aspect of your routine? Share your plans with the group.

Let's remember that the journey of recovery is a testament to our resilience and capacity for growth. The challenges we face, like the tension between Mercury and Saturn, are not obstacles but opportunities to build stronger, more compassionate versions of ourselves. By embracing clear communication, structured routines, and self-compassion, we turn potential difficulties into profound personal transformations. Let's carry forward the insights and strategies we've shared today, supporting each other as we continue to grow and thrive on this path of recovery. Thank you for your courage, openness, and commitment to this journey. 

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Mercury Square Saturn Cheat Sheet:

☿ Mercury: “The Messenger”, communication, intellect, information, logic, reasoning, learning, expression, agility, analysis, adaptability, curiosity, exchange, connectivity, technology.

▪️Square: When planets square each other, they are 90 degrees apart, creating tension and challenges that prompt growth through overcoming obstacles and resolving conflicts.

♄ Saturn: “The Taskmaster”, discipline, responsibility, structure, long-term goals, maturity, perseverance, stability, endurance, order, limitations, constraints, realism, time, patience


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